Vinashi is a browser-based strategy MMO (massively multiplayer online) set in the land of medieval India. Build up your village into a mighty empire, train a loyal army, conquer the land and become supreme ruler of medieval India!

The game is currently in the Open Beta. Stay tuned for news and updates.

What is Vinashi?

The land of ancient India is in turmoil, split apart by warring clans, each vying for ultimate supremacy. Five of these have emerged as the most powerful dynasties: Mughal, Rajput, Maratha, Vijayanagara, and Ahom. Each has established a stronghold in one region and seems poised to conquer all the land. Only the balanced might of the opposing factions has kept them in check so far.

You are the chief of a small village, one of the vital outposts of your dynasty. Using your wits and strategy, it is up to you to build your village into a mighty kingdom. Gather resources, construct buildings, train an army, and become a powerful ruler. Expand your territory by forming alliances or laying siege to your enemies.

The fate of your dynasty lies in your hands. Bring them honour and glory, and go down in history as a mighty conqueror!

Gameplay Info

Game FAQ

Some basic questions about gameplay.

Non Game FAQ

Some basic questions about account and payment.

The Dynasties

Click to find out more about each of the Dynasties you can choose from.

Resources and Villagers

General information about resources and villager usage.


General information about the available buildings.

Tech Tree

The tech tree for constructing buildings.


Information and stats on the various troops available for combat.


Information on quests.


Information on in-game inventory and quick inventory.

Premium Items

All you need to know about premiums items and their exiciting features.

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